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Constances Miracle

Disclaimer: I dont own the Worst Witch or any of the characters associated with it. The only one I own is Constance Nightstar Lynn Hardbroom. All others are copyright either Jill Murphy or Galafilm Canada/United Productions. Also the last two lines taken from Goodbye to You by Michelle Branch.  My friend, Cara helped me revise this. *Warning: This is not recommended for children- very graphic .It is for 18 year olds and up.


*Constances Miracle*

By CÚline Hardbroom


Miss Hardbroom sat thinking about her encounter the night before. She had met up with Edward Malkavian, her ex- boyfriend from adolescence.  Upon gazing at the tall, straight woman in front of him, Edward had fallen head-over-heels in love with her.  Miss Hardbroom seemed rather distracted when her headmistress, Amelia Cackle, approached her. Miss Hardbroom herself was Deputy Headmistress of Miss Cackles Academy for Witches.


"Whatever is the matter, Constance?" Miss Cackle inquired as she approached her colleague. "Nothing, Headmistress, I assure you." Miss Hardbroom said, looking straight at the more experienced witch before her. And with that, she turned on her heel and set off in the direction of her personal study, muttering something under her breath about needing to organize for her classes.






That night, Miss Hardbroom crept out of the castle with her cloak and broomstick. Edward met her at the door. "Constance!  What a surprise! Come in!" He said, escorting her indoors. It wasn't too long afterwards that the two of them were sitting on a large bed.  Ever so slowly, Edward inched closer to Miss Hardbroom. She turned to him, and slowly uncoiled her plaits. Eventually they began to share a passionate embrace. Edward began to move so slightly that soon he was kissing Miss Hardbroom tenderly on the lips. Much to his surprise, she didnt pull away. She pulled him closer, not wanting to break away from this moment.


Edward stared at the beautiful woman beside him. How could someone as beautiful as her, even be a powerful witch? Most of the women he met did not have good looks. No one could amount to Constance Hardbroom, he thought. A few hours passed and Edward was lying in bed with his arms around Miss Hardbroom, stroking her hair gently.


When Miss Hardbroom realized what time it was, she sat up suddenly, hastily dressing and coiling her plaits into her usual tight bun. She grabbed her cloak and broom and rushed down the stairs. "What is it, Constance? I must go. I have classes to teach."

She commanded her broomstick to hover and settled lightly down. "Up and away." She shouted and the broom shot off like a rocket, heading for the Academy.


She rushed into the Potions Lab for her class. The pupils noticed that something was wrong with their teacher because Constance seemed rather distracted and far away. Even she herself didnt know what was wrong, except for the fact that she couldnt stop thinking about Edward. Could she be in love? She dismissed the thought. Surely not!

Time passed and Constance began to feel slightly ill. I must be getting a cold, She thought as she worked on her lesson plans. No, no. I can't be ill.  She felt herself becoming more tired and ill as the days wore on.


 "You seem distracted." Miss Cackle observed, as they sat in the Staff room a few days later. Constance got up from her seat to get her mug for tea, but she soon felt dizzy and wavered. "Constance!" Miss Cackle said alarmed, hurrying over to help her colleague, sitting Constance back down in the chair. "Is there a chance you could be pregnant? You told me you saw Edward not too long ago." Miss Cackle asked. Constance looked aghast, but soon admitted the truth. "Well just to be sure, you must take a pregnancy test."

"Are you mad?" Constance said. "No, just terribly worried." Miss Cackle said, walking over to the first aid box, which was kept in the cupboard nearby and rummaged around for a test. After finding one, she handed it to Constance. "Go into the washroom and follow the instructions." Constance did as she was told and emerged ten minutes later, pale with a stunned look on her face.

 "From what the test tells me, I seem to be...well...breeding so to speak."


"You're pregnant?! Oh, Constance, thats wonderful!"

 "How is that wonderful? Whatever will the pupils say?"

"It's wonderful because your child can go to a witch school if you have a little girl, and if a boy, he will be trained as a wizard."

"How will we tell the girls?"

"We'll just have to tell them right away, I suppose. They have noticed that something seems different, after all."




At nightfall, the girls were gathered in the Great Hall. Miss Cackle arrived with Miss Hardbroom close behind. "We have all gathered together for a special reason. I am sure you've all noticed that Miss Hardbroom, our Deputy Headmistress, has been distracted. Well, she's received some recent news. Constance, would you like to?" Miss Cackle began, but stopped when she saw Constance shake her head.

"I guess I will tell you then. Miss Hardbroom is pregnant. Shes going to have a baby." Miss Cackle said smiling.


"Oh, wow!" The girls said, and soon there was a loud sound as the girls began chattering at once. Amanda Honeydew raised her hand. "When is the baby due, Miss?" she asked. "The baby is due in the middle of April." Constance replied. The girls were all sent to bed and Miss Cackle set up a hot meal for her colleague.

"You need to eat to build up your strength for the birth of the child. The baby needs nourishment in order to survive. That is an order, as your Headmistress." Constance opened her mouth to fire a comeback at her colleague, but she didnt have the strength and ravenously dug into the warm meal.


As the months passed, it became more obvious that Constance was going to have a child. She was still her tall, thin self but because of her size, the weight of the growing child centralized in the front. It was getting harder for her to move because of the developing child. She began to feel the child moving and kicking inside her, and she ran her hand lovingly over her protruding abdomen.





*Chapter Two*


One day in March, Miss Cackle went up to her Deputy Head.

"How are you feeling, Miss Hardbroom? How is the baby?"

"I'm feeling rather tired, but the baby is active and lively."

"I'm sure it is. Miss Cackle said with a delighted smile. "Do you think you can teach your lessons today, Constance?"

"Well, I really must go to the lab to teach the pupils."

"Nonsense, Constance. Go off to bed. A good rest is just what you need. I won't have you running around, worrying about everything. Your health should come first. That is an order." Miss Cackle said, ushering her out of the room. Smiling at the older woman, Constance nodded tiredly and went to her room

Well, Amelia means well. I am doing this for my baby.. Miss Hardbroom thought to herself as she settled into her cozy bed and snuggled under the covers. Before long, she was fast asleep.




A little later on, she awoke with a start. She knew something wasnt right. She immediately got out of bed, and after putting on her shoes, began aimlessly pacing the halls. Miss Cackle noticed her and walked up to her, a look of genuine worry on her face.

Are you all right, Constance? she asked, concerned.

"My back is hurting "Constance began, but she doubled over at the sharp pain she felt. "Constance, what is it?"
Miss Cackle asked, placing her hand on the younger womans bulging abdomen. That is a contraction. She said when she felt the womans muscles tighten in another rippling spasm. "You are in labour, Constance." She said, taking the arm of the Potions mistress beside her.


"Wait here." She told Constance when she arrived at Miss Hardbrooms study. She hurried out to find Miss Bat. "Miss Hardbroom is in labour." She said when she arrived. "I must stay with her. It is her first child, and she's frightened, poor girl." Miss Cackle said. "I've heard she'll be in labour all night, and through to the next morning." Miss Bat said. "Well, I must go to her." Miss Cackle said, rushing out. Constance was slumped over the back of the chair, digging her nails into the wood as she breathed slowly. "Constance," Miss Cackle said gently, holding out her hand. "Come walk with me around the school. It will help take your mind off the pain." Miss Cackle said to her colleague, holding her hand. For many hours, Constance paced the halls with Miss Cackle by her side.


"I dont know how much longer I can take this." Constance gasped in pain and fright. It will be very long because this is your first baby. Think about how the baby feels. For months it is in a cozy shelter, but now contractions force it to leave. It doesnt know what is going on. For hours Miss Cackle urged Constance to keep walking around the halls, even though she begged Miss Cackle to allow her to lie down. Soon the contractions became so intense that Miss Cackle had to escort her to her bed, which was draped in towels as a precaution. Constance slumped back against the pillows, as Miss Cackle bathed her forehead with a cool cloth.                                                         

The hours wore on into the night. Constance tried breathing slowly, but it soon quickened. She was blowing out in rapid gasps, refusing to scream. Easy now, Constance. It will be over soon enough. Miss Cackle soothed. Im going to get Miss Drill to send for a doctor, to help with the delivery. Constance nodded, biting her lip to stifle another scream. Miss Cackle left the room to notify Miss Drill, but soon returned to see her colleague writhing in agony. Tears stung her eyes as she cried in pain.


 Miss Cackle rushed forward to help her friend.  Constance hunched forward in pain, inhumane sounds emerging from her mouth. She lay on the bed with her legs open to make the babys delivery much easier. The doctor soon arrived and checked her Shes dilating very well. Shes almost ready to push. He told Miss Cackle., who was massaging Constances shoulders. Im so sure! Constance shouted and zapped him into a toad. But then, she relented and changed him back


A little while late, Constance was fully dilated and ready to push. Putting her chin to her chest. She pushed hard to help the baby emerge from inside her. They soon saw the babys head. Thats it! Good girl, Constance! Miss Cackle cried, a look of joy appearing on her face. Push, Constance. Just a little further. Youve got it. Said the doctor, easing the baby out slowly. Thats it, Constance. Push. Good girl.


 Constance clenched her jaw, and pushed. The baby soon came fully into the world, letting out a cry of fright. The doctor had Miss Cackle cut the cord. Its a beautiful little girl, Constance. Congratulations. The doctor said, diapering and swaddling the tiny baby. He laid the little girl in Miss Cackles arms, and left after making sure Constance was all right. She was breathing out in choking sobs. Miss Cackle sat hushing the baby, close to the bed.  Constances sobs eventually quieted to slow even breathing, and her chest rose and fell as she drifted off to sleep.




When she awoke, she turned to see Miss Cackle sitting near her with the tiny baby in her arms. She sat up slowly, propping up her pillows behind her. Miss Cackle came forward. Id like to introduce you to your little girl. She said, placing the baby in her Deputy Headmistresss eager arms. Constance smiled tenderly and looked at her beautiful girl, tears streaming down her cheeks.


She gazed in wonder at the baby in her arms. As if she knew what was going on, the baby locked her gaze on that of her mother. Constance Nightstar Lynn Hardbroom. Star for shortConstance whispered in her daughters delicate ear, trying to quiet the babys cries. Shhhhhhhh, shhhhhhhh. She said softly, soothing the baby. How could she not love something as wondrous as this delicate little girl?




A few days passed and Miss Hardbroom was fully recovered. She went with Miss Cackle to the Great Hall, where the rest of the Academy had organized a Congratulations on the birth of your baby party. Star looked around at the new sights, her blue-gray eyes widened in awe. Miss Hardbroom caught her babys gaze once more. Thus, the mother/daughter bonding had begun. 

And when the stars fall, I will lie awake.
You're my shooting star.

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