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Chaos Destruction and Star Trek Pretoria

the pic used is of Celine Jules from Star Ocean 2

Name: Kaida

Age: 23

Race: Human

Occupation: Warrior/Mage

Physical Appearance: (think Celine Jules from Star Ocean 2)

Weapons: Staff and Katana

Kaida is a young warrior who specializes in magic. Her constant companion is the Fire Cat Demon, Isomi (think of Kirara fronm InuYasha-- opposite coloring and male instead of female)

Kaida has recently become friends with Hira, a young warrior who has a young demon cat companion as well, the female Silme(Kuroro from InuYasha with a six-tailed star on her forehead instead of a diamond.) Hira wields the Chaos Staff, transforming her into the Angelic Warrior Chaos

This is Kaida's male Demon cat Isomi. The picture is Kirara (InuYasha) but opposite coat color

Chaos Destruction

Ensign Sylar, Co-Chief Counsellor, USS Pretoria
My character Sylari from Star Trek Pretoria RPG

Star Trek Pretoria

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