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Star Trek: Voyager: Dollz and Quizzes


This is my first attenpt at dolling, my Captain Kathryn Janeway doll. the base is from Angychan's Yume Studio at

This is from KadizKreationz. Click itto go there and get one of Janeway and Chakotay just like it.

This is Tristan and Isolt (1 of many ways to spell the name) Also from Kadi'sKreations--Click on J/C

Which Star TrekVoyager Character are you?

You're Captain Kathryn Janeway. You're quick, decisive, intelligent, and you have one hell of a backhand in tennis. You're the leader of the group and, though you sometimes get weighed down with heavy decision making, you inevitably do what's right. Your conscience and good intentions pave the way home.

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