Night of Wonder

Without Wonder

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By *Wonder*

Disclaimer: I dont own the Thoroughbred Series. Im just a big fan. Without Wonder is one of my favorite books but I think it was written kinda cheesy. So I decided to do a rewrite. So here it goes:


Without Wonder

By *Wonder*



Ashleigh Griffen walked down the path of Whitebrook farm, leading to the broodmare barn, to check on her favorite mare, Wonder. Ashleighs Wonder as the mare was officially known, had been a champion when she was a filly. Wonder had gone on to have many foals, but after the last one, Wonders Legacy, Ashleigh and Mike had decided to breed the mare to Jazzman, Mikes favorite stallion. The pregnancy had gone on without a hitch, but Ashleigh was still very nervous.

She headed down to the broodmare barn. Once inside, she proceeded to Wonders stall. When she arrived, she got there just in time to see Wonder drop to the stall floor.
Wonder? Ashleigh gasped. She slipped quietly into the mares stall. After thoroughly checking Wonder, Ashleighs suspicions were right. Wonder was definitely in pre-term labor. Why didnt I see this before? Ashleigh thought as she rushed out to the office phone to call Christina.

When Christina picked up, Ashleigh immediately began talking.
Mom? Whats wrong? Christina asked, getting the feeling that her mother was upset.
Chris, I need you to come home right now.
Why, what is it? Christina asked confused.
Wonders in labor
But, shes not due for three more weeks.
I know, butjust come home Ashleigh pleaded, sounding worried.
Im on my way! Chris said and hung up.

When Christina arrived, she hurried right to Wonders stall. How is she? she asked.
Nothings happening yet. Ashleigh said looking at the mare. Wheres Dr. Lanum?
She and Dr. Seymour are out of tow. Ashleigh replied, turning to the mare.
Hey, Wonder, is that baby ready to come, girl? Ashleigh crooned to the mare softly.

Wonder stood in the center of the stall, her head dropped low. She looked rather miserable. Wonder swished her bandaged tail, as though irritated by an invisible enemy.
She turned her head away from Ashleigh to bite her side.
She isnt colicking is she? Christina asked, concerned.
No. Ashleigh answered. You can see the labor contractions, so its highly unlikely. She returned to comforting the distraught mare. Wonder blinked, her beautiful dark eyes crinkling in pain.
Its all right, girl. You know how to do this. This isnt new to you. Its okay Ashleigh murmured softly, rubbing Wonders blaze. Wonder began slowly circling the stall.
Youll be just fine. Ashleigh said just as she noticed that the bedding was soaked beneath the mare. Christina rushed to fetch a pitchfork and went to the mares head.
She began concentrating on Wonder and rubbing her behind her ears as Ashleigh proceeded to check the foals position. Wonder barely flinched as Ashleighs hand went in, but then her eyes rolled around, showing their whites and her head shot up.

The foals foot is back. Im going to see if I can get it Ashleigh said, reaching for the foreleg. Christina looked up from Wonder when she heard her mother cry out.
What is it? she asked, suddenly alarmed. Wonder stepped on my foot! Ashleigh said.
Christina continued to massage Wonders ears as a contraction tore its way through the mares body. Good girl. Christina crooned in Wonders ear.

Wonder grunted softly, her breath coming in quick gasps. She looked into Christinas eyes. Youre doing great, girl. Christina said softly, scratching the mare behind her coppery ears. Wonders gorgeous coat had now darkened to a dull brown color with sweat. Its okay, sweetie. Ashleigh said as she finally got a hold of the foals foreleg.
The foal should come out properly now. She said, standing back to let Wonder go to work. Christina and Ashleigh both held Wonders halter as they led her around the stall.

Ashleigh looked at the mare she had raised from a sickly filly. Youre fine she told Wonder, while looking at her lovingly. Wonder sighed softly but then she groaned as she descended slowly to the floor. Thats good, Wonder Ashleigh said as the mare lay down to deliver. In time the foals nose emerged. Is that its nose? Christina gasped with anticipation. Oh my gosh youre doing it! Good girl, Wonder! she cried, kissing the mares velvet nose. Wonder grunted, pressing her head against Christina. The foals elegant head was soon revealed. Oh, girl, your babys going to have your coloring! Ashleigh exclaimed to the mare. I knew it!

Wonder pushed even further to deliver the foal. In time the foal came fully into the world.
Wonder grunted in distress when she noticed the still form.
Chris, go get towels. We need to get this little guy going. Ashleigh said, clearing out the foals nose and mouth. Its all right, Wonder. You rest now. Well get him cleaned up for you. Ashleigh said while Christina rubbed the little colt all over. Ashleigh proceeded to perform mouth-to-nose with the colt, looking as if she was giving him a kiss.

Christina silently willed the little colt to breathe as she watched her mother perform mouth-to nose on him. Suddenly there was a slight jerk, and the little colt lifted his head up, pricking his oversized ears. Wonder tiredly nuzzled her baby as the cord broke causing the baby colt to scramble to his feet with surprise. Ashleigh caught the stump and dipped it in iodine. Look at his star! Christina exclaimed. It looks just like a heart.
Indeed, there was a heart-shaped star on the foals forehead. With a grunt, the small colt tottered over to Wonder and began attempting to suck on her tail. Wonder nudged him, and the foal scooted over to the proper place and began to suckle with vigor. Wonder nickered softly to her foal. Ashleigh took this as her cue. I think its time for us to leave Wonder alone with her baby. They need to bond. She said, ushering Christina out of the stall. Lets go inside for some hot chocolate.

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