Night of Wonder

Weirdsister Wonders

 Finally a WSC Fanfic. I hope to do the sequel for this one soon.

Disclaimer: I dont own The Worst Witch or the original characters of Weirdsister College, which is owned by Jill Murphy and Galafilm Productions. I did think of Celine, Wonder, and Star Hardbroom. The rest are part of a Weirdsister College RPG.


Weirdsister Wonders

By *CÚline Hardbroom*


**Chapter One**

Celine Hardbroom walked into Weirdsister College. This being her second year, she felt ready to take on anything.   Something was different about college this time. Celine was pregnant as a result from a bad experience with an ex boyfriend. When she reached her dormitory in the Maiden's Hall, a familiar face greeted her. "Tanzy!" she shrieked, rushing over to hug her friend after setting the cat-basket on her bed.


"Celine! I missed you so much! How was your summer? Did you and your Aunt do anything interesting?" Tanzy Tigereye asked, referring to Celine's Aunt, Miss Constance Hardbroom who had recently gotten a lecturing job at the college. "Actually we did something I've been wanting to tell you about." Celine replied. "We went riding."


"You did? I never knew Miss Hardbroom as the riding type." Tanzy replied. "There are many things you dont know about her." Celine said simply, opening the latch on the cat-basket to release Stardust, her sleek black cat. The young cat nimbly stepped out of the basket, stretching her neck to rub her elegant head lovingly against her mistress.


A knock on the door interrupted the two friends and Miss Hardbroom entered.  "I was just coming in to see how you girls are coming along with your unpacking?" she inquired. Were fine, Aunt Constance. Celine replied, sitting on her bed beside the cat.

"Why dont we all go over to Misery's" Miss Hardbroom asked the girls. "All right, Aunt Constance. We need a break from unpacking anyway."

They headed over to Miserys for a bit of relaxation time.  Celine looked at her Aunt nervously. "What is it, Celine?" Miss Hardbroom asked, turning to look at her niece. Tanzy also turned to gaze at her friend.


"There's something I need to talk to you about but I'm afraid because of what you might thing about what I am about to tell you."

"It's all right. I am sure that whatever you need to tell me will be all right." Miss Hardbroom said softly. Celine took a breath before replying.  "You remember how  I had been in a bad relationship with a boy my age a while back? Well, something happened from that relationship.I had thought that the boy was being sincere but over time he got to be really abusive and when I wanted to move on he assaulted me and I couldnt stop himI tried so hard ,Aunt Constance." " Why didnt you tell me about this right away? You know that I've had custody of you ever since your parents' accident." Miss Hardbroom asked, shivering at the memory of her brother and his wife's fate.

"I never told you because I know what youre like. You're into tradition and standards and I thought that you would be angry at me." Celine began but was cut off by Miss Hardbroom. "I'm your Aunt and your family. You should have told me about it no matter what I would have thought." she replied softly.

"I couldn't stop him, it was so bad. I might as well just get this out. I'm pregnant." "You're WHAT??" Miss Hardbroom asked stunned. She pursed her lips at the thought of the boy assaulting her beloved niece. "How could he do that to you? When I find him, he's going to pay for his actions." Celine looked down at the table." This is not your fault and it never will be. You were robbed of your innocence. I'm not angry at you." Miss Hardbroom continued, noting her niece's anxious face.


"What will you do?" Tanzy and Alistaire Lightningbolt asked. Alistaire was a friend of Celine's and a fellow pupil at the college. Celine answered softly. "I will keep the child because no matter what happens, this is not the baby's fault." Miss Hardbroom's look softened. "Are you sure that is what you want, Celine?" She asked, "Babies need a lot of love, time, and care. Are you willing to make that commitment?" she asked her niece, looking straight into her eyes. "I feel that I am willing to take on this responsibility. I hope to teach him or her everything I know about magic when he or she is older."


Tanzy looked at her friend. "Well we'll all help you as much as we can, won't
we Miss Hardbroom?"
"Yes because you are my niece and it's not your fault."

Celine put her hand on her growing abdomen. "You hear that, baby? You've got
people here who love you as much as I do" Celine said as they all headed
back to the college.


They were heading back to the campus and just as they got to the door, Celine
doubled over in pain, clutching her abdomen.

"CELINE!!" Everyone screamed in unison. Miss Hardbroom rushed to her niece.
"What is it? What's wrong?" she asks in fear. "The baby..' Celine began but
cannot finish as severe pain radiated through her body.

They got inside and to the Maiden's Hall where Stardust hovered
over her mistress protectively. "I'll get the doctor!' Alistaire said as Celine buried
her head in her aunt's shoulder, breathing deeply.
Tanzy put her hand on her friend's shoulder as he left the room.
Not too much later, the doctor arrived in the room.


Celine breathed slowly as the doctor arrived. " Are
you all right?" Miss Hardbroom softly asked her niece. "No...It hurts.. so much"
The doctor checked her to see how far she was and soon it was time for her to push. Celine buried her face into her aunt's shoulder and pushed.
"It's okay" Tanzy said to Celine. Alistaire stood by helplessly.
Hours later, Celine pushed for the last time. The baby cried delicately. "A little
girl" The doctor announced, laying the baby in Celine's arms.

Celine gazed lovingly at her newborn daughter "Your name is Wonder (because you are
a miracle and that is my middle name) Constance Morgana Hardbroom" she whispered into the baby's delicate ear.



 A sharp cry in the middle of the night roused everyone awake.
They immediately scrambled to the baby's (tiny yet spacious) room. They
got there in time to see a shadow over the crib. Miss Hardbroom stood quietly hushing Wonder. She sat down in a chair by the window, with the tiny baby in her arms. Relieved, Celine crept over to the two of them.

"How is she?" Celine asked quietly.  H.B. looked up from the baby.
" She's slightly colicky. The doctor had confirmed it. I'm just trying
to make her feel better." she replied. Celine stood in awe. She had never
seen her aunt warm up to a child this much but then again Wonder was
her niece (well, grand-niece to be politically correct but that
doesn't matter), she thought to herself. Miss Hardbroom had Wonder against her shoulder and gently patted her back. The baby, although obviously colicky snuggled closer
to Miss Hardbroom's neck. The babys cries continued as Miss Hardbroom stayed with her


Chapter Two

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