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Night of Wonder

Chapter Two

**Chapter Two**

The next morning Miss Hardbroom helped Celine with the baby while Celine gave Stardust some attention. The elegant black cat rubbed her head against Celines cheek fondly, purring contentedly. The baby was in Miss Hardbrooms arms, as she looked straight into H.B.'s eyes. She studied her for a moment trying to focus on her thoughts and emotions. But something flashes into her mind, frightening her. This even though she was barely a day old confused the baby and she let out a cry. Miss Hardbroom soothed the baby to sleep with gentle loving words in her ear.


Later, Celine was giving Wonder a bath. The baby had startled at first but had settled in."Good girl!" Celine praised tickling her. Wonder gurgled and looked around. " Oh, you like this, don't you? Yes." Celine
said softly to the baby. When she finished bathing Wonder, she came out of the washroom and over to where her Aunt was sitting on her bed. " How was she?" Miss Hardbroom asked her. "She was a little angel." Celine said gazing lovingly at her daughter. Miss Hardbroom took Wonder from Celine, giving her a kiss. Wonder
gazed at Miss Hardbroom as Celine passed them a bottle. Wonder nearly threw herself toward the bottle.

" Okay, okay it's coming." Miss Hardbroom said softly as she fed it to
her. "There's a good girl" She said softly as Wonder looked around, sucking
contentedly on the bottle. When Wonder was finished,  Miss Hardbroom burped
her so Celine wouldnt have to.

" I think you have everything
under control" Celine said kissing the colicky baby and giving her Aunt a hug.
You'll be just fine. I'm going over to Misery's to meet the others" she said as she left the room. " I'll be back soon" She blew a kiss to Miss Hardbroom and the baby as she went out the door.


When Celine arrived at Miserys, Tanzy turned to her "I thought you wanted some quality time with Wonder." Tanzy said to her friend
as Celine sat down. " I did but then I figured I would need some time to
myself."Celine replied, sitting between Tanzy and Dusty Sun (who was six months pregnant). She turned to Dusty "If you have any problems you can talk to me." Celine told her.

A little while later when everyone was talking and feeling a little more relaxed, Miss Hardbroom arrived with the baby. "She was a perfect angel" she
said giving the baby to Celine. " Oh, come here my little angel. Did you
miss mommy huh? Did you have fun with Aunt Constance? Were you a
good girl?" The baby gurgled a little and looked around at everyone.
When everyone was back inside Dusty started to cry as she felt her water break. Professor Thunderblast came in ad immediately summoned the doctor to check Dusty.
"Ever heard of a thing called Early Witch her case Im

afraid she might be having a miscarriage...I'll take her to the
hospital straight away!" The doctor said.
"I'll come to" Celine said and grabbed onto Dusty as the doctor vanished
with her in his arms.
By the time they arrived at the hospital, Dusty was almost definitely in labor because she was in a lot of pain as screaming as the doctors took her into the delivery room.
Celine held her hand. "Dont worry...Im here. Shhh, shh, shh"
She summoned a wet cloth and mopped her forehead.

"SHES STARTING!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Celine as the baby started to come.
The doctors immediately told her to push. After a while Dusty pushed for the last time and this time it was the last. The baby came
out and everyone hears the cry of a delicate newborn. Dusty cried with relief as   the nurses laid the baby in her arms
Congratulations. You have a baby girl. They told Dusty, as Celine left the hospital wing after making sure Dusty was okay.


When Celine arrived in her dormitory, Miss Hardbroom doubled over, clutching her abdomen. "Oh no. Not
you too. I thought this finished with Dusty" Celine said. Miss Hardbroom
breathed slowly attempting not to concentrate on the pain.
Thunderblast and the doctor arrive. " In Miss Hardbroom's case this
is full-term Witch Labor. She'll get through it just fine. There
seem to be no complications." He said, as he checked her progress.

" All right, Constance. You're ready to push." H.B. nodded as she pushed down to help deliver the baby .A determined look appeared on her face.
Tears stung her eyes as she tries to concentrate. But she refused to
scream, biting her lip to hold it back. Celine mopped her Aunts forehead with a wet cloth. There you go. Good girl. She said softly. Miss Hardbroom cried softly as she pushed, feeling as though she wanted to zap the doctor and turn him into a toad. Celine soothingly encouraged her Aunt as the hours slipped by, massaging her shoulders to ease tension. Miss Hardbroom let out a breath as she felt the burning pain.
Youre doing so well. Im so proud of you. Celine whispered to her Aunt. Its all right. Take it easy.
Hours passed and finally the cry of a baby girl was heard. Miss Hardbroom had fallen asleep.


A couple hours later, Miss Hardbroom was holding her baby in her arms. "Constance Nightstar Lynn Hardbroom"she whispered to the baby. "I know, she's a junior, but she is my first baby. I don't like Connie so she will be called Star for a nickname." "Star...I like that." Celine told her Aunt "She's beautiful. She, Wonder and Dusty's little girl will be good friends" she predicted looking at the little girl who looked so peaceful in her mother's arms.


When Miss Hardbroom was well enough to get out of bed, she and Celine went to visit Dusty. Dusty looked at Star thoughtfully as they came in. I didnt think you had twins she said softly. This is Aunt Constances baby daughter, Constance Nightstar Lynn Hardbroom, affectionately known as Star. Celine said. Miss Hardbroom took Star from Celine and cuddled her lovingly.
"So I take it you haven't thought of a name for your baby yet, have you Dusty?" She asked .Dusty blushed looking tenderly at her baby. "No Miss Hardbroom" she
said softly. Celine looked at Wonder who gazed at everyone.
Miss Hardbroom gazed at her baby, marveling at the sight of her.
Star attempted to focus, her blue-gray eyes crinkled in determination.


Would you like me to perform a thinking charm on you? Celine asked her friend. A thought suddenly struck Dusty. Thats it! She cried, looking down at her new daughter.

What is? Celine asked. The name. Dusty replied, a grin appearing on her face. Say hello to Charm! Wonder and Star both looked at their new friend. Charm gazed at
everyone. Miss Hardbroom cuddled her baby daughter close to her.
Star sucked contentedly on her mother's finger. " I never knew I could
love anyone this much." H.B. whispered, giving the baby a
kiss. Celine smiled as she looked at her Aunt and baby Cousin. Wonder gurgled
blissfully to herself as Celine snuggled her close. Dusty gazed lovingly at Charm.


Aunt Constance gazed at Star, memorizing her baby's features and
everything about her. " She really looks like you." Celine commented, also
looking at the sweet baby in her Aunt's arms. "Do you really think
so?" H.B. asked. "No...She couldn't, she said, denying what Celine had just pointed out. But even she knew in her heart that her tiny daughter had the strong, yet delicate, features of a Hardbroom....

Tiny Star let out a soft cry. "Ohhh.... Shhhh." Miss Hardbroom
whispered, pulling her daughter closer. "She doesn't look like Edward at
all." Celine said. Her aunt took a moment from soothing Star to gaze at
her. "No. That's quite apparent." she said, returning to cuddling her
baby daughter. Star's soft cries slowly faded to light breathing.
Aunt Constance gently moved the sleeping baby to look at her.
"She really does look like a true Hardbroom....."


 Celine and Miss Hardbroom headed over to the lecture where both
Moonbeam and Professor Wendle were giving a witch practice session.  Celine and her Aunt were taking the two babies with them so that they would become accustomed
quickly to the magical environment. Jenny Wendle walked forward. "Ah,
Celine. You came in just in time. Would you like to demonstrate a
form of Levitation?"

"Yes Professor Wendle." Celine said, giving Wonder to
Miss Hardbroom and walking to the front of the room.

Using all of her concentration to clear her mind and relax, Celine suddenly
felt her feet lift off the ground. With her eyes still closed, she put her
arms out to the side as if in a ritual. In a few minutes she descended
slowly to the ground.

Miss Hardbroom gave Wonder back to Celine and brought little Star to the
front of the room. Concentrating straight on the baby's eyes, she
looked at her as if to say You know what to do. All of a sudden Star gave her a knowing look. Crinkling her eyes in determination, she began to focus on an object in the room. One small glance at it from Star sent the object a meter off the table.

Constance smiled to herself, holding little Star who looks
around at everyone.The baby gazes at her mother, irritated by
something unseen. "It's all right Star, sweetie." Miss Hardbroom 
whispered to her.

 Dusty saw Celine  and Wonder in Misery's and comes over with Charm just as Miss Hardbroom comes in with Star. They all sat down for coffee including
Milly who was on break. She sat down beside Celine and stroked Wonder's
cheek. The baby turned her head to suck on Milly's finger.

" Awwwww." Milly said softly. "May I?"
"sure" says Celine and handed Wonder to her. Wonder gazed at Milly with all
the innocence of a baby. Miss Hardbroom snuggled Star close to her.
Milly hands Wonder back. "Miss Hardbroom. Would it be all right if I
hold your little girl?" "Oh..I don't know" Miss Hardbroom says. "She
really does have a way with babies Aunt Constance. Let her hold
Star." Celine said softly. "Oh All right Milly." Miss Hardbroom handed the
whimpering Star over to Milly who immediately began to rock her

"Shhhhhhhhhhhh, shhhhhhhhhh. " She whispered softly. "It's okay."
Milly says bouncing her slightly and patting her back. Lucky thing
Milly has a blanket on her shoulder just in case. Star still
whimpered but after a while she burped delicately. "Good girl" Milly
praised. "What a good girl you are." H.B. praised the baby who let out a soft sigh.
As H.B. cuddled Star, Celine gazed at her sweet little girl sweet little
girl. The baby was perfect. She had a white blanket wrapped around
her delicate body.  It rose and sank with every breath the baby took.
Her eyes were tenderly shut and her eyebrows were thin and
flawless. Her nose was small and round and her mouth was pursed. Celine
gazed lovingly at her precious baby daughter as Dusty gazed at Charm.
Danika Mystique came over. "Hiya." she called. "I couldn't help but notice those lovely babies. And it seems like one of them has mastered her powers." she said
looking at Star. "Actually two. Wonder here seems to focus very well on Magic and it seems there is more to her than meets the eye." Celine replied.
"Thank you very much for the compliment, Danika" Miss Hardbroom said
softly. "You're welcome Miss Hardbroom." A soft gentle sigh, interrupted them and Wonder opened her lovely eyes to gaze at everyone..

 "All right I think it's time for us to head back to the college"

Celine said clearing her mug and swiftly getting up. "Yes" Miss Hardbroom
agreed cuddling Star close to her and breathing in the sweet scent of
a new baby. "Let's go to the college so that we can get ourselves
straightened out to meet the others"

After nodding goodbye to Milly on our way out the door, we headed
back to the college and back to our dorm to get ourselves organized.
Star gazed at her mother with an almost-knowing _expression and Aunt
Constance was a little taken back by that gesture. "Looks like little
Star knows something we don't. She's definitely a Hardbroom." she
exclaimed nuzzling her baby. Wonder looked around at the sights and set her gaze back on m her mother. Once Dusty was ready everyone headed
out to meet the others. Nesidara, Salem, Tanzy and Morphevs met them for the next lecture. Miss Hardbroom smiled to herself, holding little Star who looked
around at everyone. The baby gazed at her mother, irritated by
something unseen. "Its all right Star, sweetie." Miss Hardbroom
whispered to her.  The babys cries slowly ceased and she gurgled at her mother.


Later, Miss Hardbroom turned to gaze fondly at Celine who was sitting with the others holding Wonder in her arms and tickling little Charm.  Life seemed absolutely perfect now. She had a good teaching job, pupils who would become talented wizards and witches, and two babies who had changed her life for the better. She sighed softly. She hoped that nothing would ever change . Celine  came over with Wonder and Miss Hardbroom kissed her niece. You have made me so proud to be your Aunt, honey she told her as the two of them  hugged. Lets go back to our dorm Celine agreed so she, Miss Hardbroom, Dusty and Kate, all headed back to the dorm. Wonder, Star and Charm gurgled as they walked inside.


~The End~







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